Friday 24 January 2020

Quote of the day

"Most people do not pray; they only beg."

George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday 8 March 2017

It's worse than I thought

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I knew that Fukushima was bad. I had heard that about 400 tons of radioactive water has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean every day since the Fukushima disaster in 2011, but due to the complete lack of media coverage I had no idea of how bad it is. Out of sight, out of mind.

It turns out that it's worse than I thought, a lot worse. It is not remotely fixable by the human race on this planet at this time. We don't have the technology or even anything like a full understanding of what we have unleashed on our biosphere. If nothing changes the pollution will circulate all over the globe and the oceans of this planet will become radioactive dead zones with nothing left alive apart from maybe a few mutants.

Goodbye fishing industries, goodbye the sea as a food source. And that's only the start. If the oceans of the world become polluted by radioactivity we have no idea at all about the impact that this will have on the planet as a whole and how this will affect our prospects for survival. Apart from the fact that it won't be good.

Water evaporating from radioactive oceans will be radioactive too, so the clouds and rain from the clouds will also be radioactive which will make the ground, anything growing on it, and anything eating what grows on it more radioactive.

In other words we have started something which is in the process of completely fucking up the whole cycle of planetary life. Why, you may ask, aren't we hearing about this through our news media? After all we have 24 hour news, social media, print media etc. etc. etc. why the silence?

Maybe, just maybe, the powers that be, the ones who control every aspect of our lives, where and how we travel, what we read, watch and listen to, maybe they don't have a clue how to deal with this.

Maybe, just maybe, if word started spreading about this, people would start asking the wrong kind of questions, like what the hell are we giving you a good chunk of our income in the form of taxes for if you can't keep us safe?

That was the deal, wasn't it, we pay taxes to live in a civilised society, with police and armies to keep us safe against bad stuff, and scientists showing the way to the sunny uplands of a glorious future? We surrender our liberties, privacy and freedom of movement so that we can be kept safe from evil-doers by our leaders who are so much wiser than us?

Maybe they aren't any wiser than we are. Maybe they are so psychologically deformed by greed and lust for power that they are not fit to be put in charge of a public toilet, never mind a nation. After all, if your average citizen was told about how dangerous nuclear energy was, and how much it would cost to deal with the waste, and how long the waste would remain dangerous, it is very unlikely that he/she would have given nuclear power the go-ahead in the first place.

So here we are, approaching the final stages of the Sixth extinction without any idea about how to deal with it. None of the pillars of our society, law, politics, science, education, industry or the military have a clue, apart from when it comes to finding ways of protecting themselves while the rest of us die off. And using our money in the form of tax revenues to do so. Instead they seem to be studiously avoiding the question and hoping that nobody is noticing.

However, just because we at our current level of consciousness don't have the solutions for dealing with this, doesn't mean that those solutions don't exist. It's just that we don't have access to them yet.

Einstein said “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” What this means for us is that our only chance of survival is to escape from the confines of our current view of who and what we are, our place in the world and our responsibility towards it.

It is encouraging that people are waking up, but whether there are enough of these to counter the dead weight of the billions who can't be arsed to find out the most basic things about how things actually work in our so-called civilisation is another matter.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Divide and Rule

Divide and rule is still going strong and will continue to do so for a while yet. The problem for the powers that be is that it is daily becoming more apparent that the current system is screwed and has no answers for the problems that are facing us.

The current system relies on people being asleep to their true potential and divided among themselves, but the worse things get the more people will be forced to wake up and see things as they are, i.e. that they are being ruthlessly exploited by a sociopathic elite which regards them as no better than cattle.

The powers that be have lost the plot and are just trying to grab what they can while they can, which won't be for much longer. It doesn't matter how many guns the powers that be have, there is a shift of consciousness taking place. For example the idea of the 1% is now embedded in our minds and you can't kill that with bullets.

The battle for people's minds is being fought with increasing desperation by those who have been exploiting us for many years but it has basically been lost and more of us are waking up. This is a natural process and cannot be reversed. The genie is out of the bottle and is not going back.

Those invested in our current system will do their best to disrupt this process and will continue to cause problems for a while but they will ultimately fail. The financial system spirals out of control and the financial institutions continue to try and blackmail us by demanding more and more of our money to keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed. They think they have no choice in this, but by so doing they bring forward the arrival of the Great Adjustment which will be necessary for the establishment of a sustainable, peaceful and harmonious way of managing our affairs on a planet of finite resources.

If we wish to survive as a species we have no choice in this matter, we have to raise our game  or be swept aside by natural forces more powerful than ourselves. Work in co-operation with nature and evolve, or face extinction. It's as simple as that in the end. And yes evolving into a new paradigm of human existence may take some getting used to but how can it be any worse than the mess we are in now?

About war

"War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent."

George Orwell, 1984

Monday 30 December 2013

About money...

This is from the comments on an article in The Guardian about money - The link to the comment is here -
It is as neat a summary of what is wrong with our financial system and what is needed to put it right as any I have come across. 

The specific problem is that private banks can print money (i.e., create it from nothing), lend it to whoever the hell they like, then profit from the interest when it's paid back. These banks are far more likely to lend to someone who wants a mortgage than say a business. This is because if you default they can take your house, but businesses often have limited liabilities (which is much higher risk for the banks). Since they can print as much money as they like, they do so, which is basically what caused this crash (and other bubbles in housing markets).

The banks have made such vast profits doing this (along with general speculations) that they are now too big to fail. If they fail it would wipe out our entire economy due to the simple scale of the leverage. Therefore the Bank of England had absolutely no choice but to employ QE as a means to bail out the banks, it was the only way. Except the banks can also spend the 'money' acquired through QE however they like...

So it's not exactly (any) government that's the problem. The problem is the banks can print money knowing full well that if they overstretch and go bankrupt then the BoE has no choice but to bail them out with taxpayer's money. In other words there is no risk to the large private banks, only the taxpayer. After all, why wouldn't banks take risks with your money given if they fuck everything up you have no choice but to bail them out? And if the risk pays off, well of course they get to squirrel away all the profit. This is why you just got shafted, and why you will keep getting shafted.

The only solution to this is to remove the right of banks to print money (from nothing). But you wouldn't want to give that right to politicians either. This scam will continue until the printing of money is given to a new independent body that is both transparent and fully accountable to the public.

If this were done then the banks would become just like any other business and only able to lend money they actually have (which is comparatively harmless). Yet since this hasn't been done then you can expected to get shafted again, SOON.

This is not now a simple problem to resolve, but until we remove the capacity of the banks to create money that doesn't exist and lend it, nothing will change (apart from we will all get poorer while they get richer). The printing of new money needs to be 'democratized', put in the public realm somehow, instead of being given to private banks who win whatever the outcome of their gambles.

Until that happens the public are fucked, and might be permanently fucked in any event given how much debt we owe the banks. You can hardly blame the bankers. After all, If the public wanted to give me all their money with no strings attached, I'd find it tricky to resist. Anyone would. Free money? Yes please.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Are you happy?

Are you happy with your life? With your work? with the place you live in? With your prospects for the future? With the way your country is going? With the way the world is going? Does the idea of taking a fresh look at the assumptions on which most of our lives are based make you feel uncomfortable?

If so on no account go to this web page and listen to the radio broadcast.

I mean seriously folks, don't do it. You might find it disturbing.

Sunday 20 July 2008

The Lord Sayeth...

"If thou messeth with the lowliest of my creatures, thou messeth with me, so watch it, monkey boy, for I have eyes in places where thou hast not even got places, and I misseth not a trick" ... well, something along those lines, you get the idea.

He also sayeth "Thou shalt not kill". No sub clauses or conditions, no "unless they're brown-skinned people with oil" or "unless they are living on land coveted by the Israelis" or anything. Not much wiggle room there then.

So is this just wishful thinking on the part of some spaced out wacko in a desert several hundred years ago or is it pointing to an eternal truth that we ignore at our peril?

Let's speculate about what this might mean in the context of the idea of the universe as a field of consciousness. If this is the case, then God (to put it in conventional terms) isn't some being who created the universe, God IS the universe. To put it another way, the whole universe is sentient. Everything is known. Nothing is or can be hidden.
"Then onward in my journey I come to understand
That every hair is numbered like every grain of sand" - Dylan
And we are part of that, and it is part of us.

So back to the not killing or messing with God's creatures thing, us monkey boys and girls really aren't doing too well with that one. We are not only killing innocent creatures and people, we are killing our direct link with the divine spark that forms the core of our being.

This worries me.