Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Lord Sayeth...

"If thou messeth with the lowliest of my creatures, thou messeth with me, so watch it, monkey boy, for I have eyes in places where thou hast not even got places, and I misseth not a trick" ... well, something along those lines, you get the idea.

He also sayeth "Thou shalt not kill". No sub clauses or conditions, no "unless they're brown-skinned people with oil" or "unless they are living on land coveted by the Israelis" or anything. Not much wiggle room there then.

So is this just wishful thinking on the part of some spaced out wacko in a desert several hundred years ago or is it pointing to an eternal truth that we ignore at our peril?

Let's speculate about what this might mean in the context of the idea of the universe as a field of consciousness. If this is the case, then God (to put it in conventional terms) isn't some being who created the universe, God IS the universe. To put it another way, the whole universe is sentient. Everything is known. Nothing is or can be hidden.
"Then onward in my journey I come to understand
That every hair is numbered like every grain of sand" - Dylan
And we are part of that, and it is part of us.

So back to the not killing or messing with God's creatures thing, us monkey boys and girls really aren't doing too well with that one. We are not only killing innocent creatures and people, we are killing our direct link with the divine spark that forms the core of our being.

This worries me.